Saturday, November 22, 2008

Round and Round we go. . .. at Revolve!

When you see your doctor because you are sick, he say's "take 2 and call me in the morning," and when I see entrepreneurs who have made yet another critical mistake, I say "Revolve THIS!" Yes- that's right, Revolve This! The first of its kind exclusive combination of resources specialized in serving companies from Start-Up to Exit event: Business Law, Business Execution (more than just consulting), and Business Capital. Why, because our experience has shown that entrepreneurs struggle to find all the resources they need and get inconsistent messages from the different professionals on their team and continue to make the same critical mistakes. By aggregating the wisdom and knowledge into a formula to success for companies from start-up to exit, exptrepreneurs find all of what they need in one place. This is not only better for the entrepreneur, but also for the investor, because the risk of loss is greatly reduced when their portfolio company is surrounded by the right experts: A true win-win. Nonetheless, there will always be those entrepreneurs who cannot help but to be so cheap that nobody wanted to eat their pizza, or those who could not help but to be themselves . . . and make the same mistakes over and over again. As professionals who care, we could cry. . . . or we could have some fun at your expense to keep morale up and help the ones who value surrounding themselves with the right expertise to prevent the critical mistakes! So, Round and Round we go! Let the games begin. If you don't Revovle This. . . . you can just Sit and Revolve! :-)


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